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Crop Production in Antalya

Crop production within the scope of our province includes fruits, vegetables, greenhouse vegetables and fruit production, field crops production, ornamental plants (for exterior and interior spaces and cut flowers) as well as the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

According to TÜRKSTAT data in 2011, Antalya has over 37% of Turkey’s greenhouse area with 200,471 daa out of 599,612 daa. According to AİGTHM data in 2010, 63% of all agricultural production came from greenhouse production. 53% of Turkey's greenhouse vegetable production occurred in Antalya according to TÜRKSTAT figures in 2010.

Hydroponics is an important method in modern agriculture, which has increased over the recent years. Hydroponic agriculture is carried out over an area of 5044 acres in Turkey, of which 2667 area are located in Antalya.

34% of cut flower production areas in Turkey (4,120 daa), 4% of indoor and outdoor ornamental plants (866 daa) and 11% wild bulbous, tuberous, rhizome plants (712 da) are produced in our province (2009).

Within the cultivated areas allocated to ornamental plants 83% of the share belongs to cut flowers, of which the most cultivated cut flowers are carnations. 55% of carnations in Turkey are grown in Antalya.

However, the highest proportional share of cut flowers in Turkey belong to solidago* with 84% and gerbera** with 75%.

73% of the production of cut flowers take place in Kepez,, 12% in Aksu, 10% in Serik, 3% in Muratpaşa and 0.7% in Manavgat.

Animal Production in Antalya

In livestock breeding, the average carcass weight in Antalya (240 kg) lies above the national average. The milk yield in Antalya is about twice that of Turkey (4,000 lt.). It is ranked 12th in Turkey in the number of ovine animals. With a total of 165,756 beehives Antalya is ranked 5th. In aquaculture 2 out of 7 tuna companies in Turkey are situated in Antalya. All the 400,000 bumblebee colonies that are bred in 89 facilities are located in the province. Antalya ranks 2nd in Turkey in the number of cocoons cultivated at 17%.

The amount of inland aquaculture production in Turkey is 78,568,000 tons. Antalya has a share of about 2% in inland aquaculture production. According to data from 2010, Antalya’s inland aquaculture production encompassed trout with 1,598 tons produced and carp with 8 tons produced. Antalya Province with a water potential of 16.2 billion m3 / year constitutes 9% of Turkey's water potential.

Export in Antalya

The share of agriculture in Antalya’s exports is 53%. Antalya accounted for 20% of Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports at $460 million. 41% of tomatoes, 63% of peppers, 43% of cucumbers exported from Turkey were grown in Antalya. According to export data from years 2010-2011, the top five countries of Turkish fresh fruit and vegetable exports were Russia, Iraq, Germany, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

The main export market for Antalya’s processed fruits and vegetables in 2011 were the European Union (particularly the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Germany) and the Unites States of America. The main export market for dairy products in 2011 included Middle Eastern and North African countries, especially Iraq. In 2011, total exports were worth $ 26,434,661.

The Share of Agriculture in Antalya’s Economy is 53%

90% of fresh fruit and vegetable exports were made to the Russian Federation, the majority being tomatoes, cucumbers and pomegranates. 53 % live plants and 36% cut flower plants constituted all ornamental plants exported in 2011. According to the figures of 2011, 41% of ornamental plants and 86% of cut flowers exported in Turkey were produced in Antalya.

Our province's aquaculture exports totalled $ 7.6 million in 2011. In 2011, only one company remained that engaged in export. Tuna exports decreased compared to last year and amounted to 198,234 kg. However, our trout exports increased rapidly to 1,884,710 kg.

*Solidago: Goldenrod, Daisy (Asteraceae) family. The common name of perennial plant species that bloom in summer and late autumn and constitute the genus Solidago.

** Gerbera: A flower from the Daisy (Asteraceae) family.

Source: Governorship of Antalya

Antalya Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Province of Antalya Agriculture Strategic Plan 2012-2016