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Kumluca and Finike District was known as the port of Elmalı until recently. Only half a century ago Kumluca and Finike was ravaged by malaria and could only be inhabited during the winter months. Finike shares the small coastal plain with Kumluca and today has become a well-developed coastal settlement. This charming district, with its fully equipped marina is a place where visitors from many countries can safely moor their boats.

Kumluca and Finike was a notable cult centre of the ancient Greek God Apollo and one of the most revered saints of Christianity, St. Nicholas lived and died in the region. Elmalı is the location of the place of worship of Abdal Musa, who was a highly respected figure in Bektashism, a branch of Islam.

Nature and History of Kumluca

The alluvial plain where the two districts of Finike and Kumluca are located, host the rivers of Alakır, Acıçay, Tatlıçay and Aykırçay,rivers that do not even dry up in summer. Thanks to these rivers, Finike is internationally renowned for its citrus fruits and Kumluca has become a major exporting centre of greenhouse farming produce. In the mountains regions of Aykırçay a number of small restaurants serve trout and other local dishes.

The wealth of Finike and Kumluca can be attributed to the pine, juniper and cedar forests on the mountains encircling the plain. Wood from the mountains was transported to the port of Finike by way of the rivers mentioned above and was exported to faraway locations. The ancient cities of Rhodiapolis, Limyra, Arykanda close to Finike and Kumluca owed their affluence to the generosity of nature.

Beaches in Kumluca

While the north of the Finike-Kumluca plain is surrounded by mountains, the southern part is bordered by the coast and the sea. You can go swimming almost anywhere along the coast of the two provinces and there are many beaches along the 20 kilometer-long coast that cater to visitors. Orange orchards can be found within 100-200 meters and the mountains rising behind make this experience even more pleasurable. The sandy beaches that continue until Finike will leave its place to the rocky shores that will extend all the way to Demre in the west. Numerous bays can be found along the coast and the clear, pristine waters seduce many local and foreign guests.

The rocky shores end in Dalyan near Demre and turn into sandy beaches that continue until the ancient port of Andriake (Çayağzı).